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SEVENKIND is all about a unified yet unique quality of living. A lifestyle founded on the cultivation of hope and optimism. A lifestyle that values and seeks out ways to bring genuine encouragement and positivity to every life. A lifestyle proactively searching for the good in all things and all humans, and practicing making the very best of every card that one is dealt. 

It is - simply - the "Art of Uplifting." A bit of quality time spent in a safe space creating growth and happiness for yourself and each other yields large results for the mind, body and soul.


This goes far beyond purely aesthetic enjoyment: 

  • It's a celebration to highlight life's little and big moments. 

  • It's an opportunity to share in unique experiences with one another.

  • It's a place for inspiring, uplifting memories to take root and blossom.

And so much more. 

Every event, meal, or exchange with you is an unbelievable gift to me. Opportunities to connect with you in new ways while growing a stronger community within "The Art of Uplifting." Please reach out if you have any questions or commentary about anything you read or see on this site. I'd absolutely love to hear from you!

I look forward to creating spaces for you to witness and express your creativity in your own unique and amazing ways.


Jordan Kindy Shaw (Founder and Creator)


s e e w h a t s e v e n k i n d h a s b e e n u p t o l a t e l y . . .